To Catch A Fish Murderer 7:35
There's a fish serial killer named Sushi Sam on the loose! Not good news for the finale of my show involving my best friend, mind reading fish David Copperfish! Luckily I've got Juliet to help me, so as soon as she signs the standard animal waiver form we'll get started...
Multiplying Bomb Bottles 3:53
"When a villain sends a bomb from the future to kill you, your only hope is to magic your way out of it."
Katy Perry Card Trick 4:18
"Will a card trick quiz from a 100 year old magician still work today? Is this even the real quiz?"
Drinking A Thought 4:10
Can I figure out a thought of number merely by drinking water that contains the torn up pieces of it? From Tampa Bay Comic Con 2016.
Card In Can Of Spam 4:45
Making a randomly thought of card appear inside a sealed can of spam from the 2016 Orlando Fringe Festival.
Super Coins Team Up 7:02
Performing my Super Coins Which Hand Team routine at the 2016 Orlando Fringe Festival.
Crime Or Magic Trick? 4:22
Performing a 5 envelope bank night routine I call Crime Or Magic Trick at the 2016 Orlando Fringe Festival.
20Q Mind Reading 5:36
Mind reading randomly written things from the audience at the 2016 Orlando Fringe Festival.
Arch Nemesis' Favorite Animal 10:20
The various battles with trying to get my arch nemesis in each show to just pick "LION", and the final battle with the world's simplest rubix cube. From Orlando Fringe 2016.
Shooting A Card With A Kids Bow & Arrow 5:10
Tim presented a scene from his new script he had written for a superhero film called The Pink Arrow. Could the dashing superhero stop Spade Wilson from blowing up the city with a bomb he had planted on a card? From Indiana Comic Con 2015.

Above you'll see my full routines I've captured on video. Enjoy.