Magician, Comedian, Mind Reader.
An Unforgettable Entertainer Like You've Never Seen Before



Tim Hoffman(The Great & Powerful Tim) is a magician/comedian/improviser based in Los Angeles. He has performed around the world at festivals, conventions, and events with critically acclaimed shows combining magic, comedy, and engrossing story.

His award-winning sold-out 2017 tour show, Magic To The Future, recently wrapped up a 7 city, 34 show tour. Check the TOUR page for cities, dates, and ticket information on next year's all-new show.

A powerglove, a can of spam, a talking robot, a bullet catch with a laser tag gun, a fish serial killer, and bombs that keep accidentally multiplying. Tim's routines are full of originality and surprises that will leave everyone laughing nonstop all while asking "how did he do that?!". Check out the ROUTINES page for videos of his tricks.

Tim is available to perform at your event, college, company, festival, or convention today by heading to the HIRE page.


JAN 13-14 Portland, OR
Walker Stalker/H&V Fanfest
MAR 30-31 Indianapolis, IN
Indiana Comic Con
MAY 17-27 Orlando, FL
Orlando Fringe
JUN 08-10 Oakland, CA
San Fran Comic Con
JUN 21-30 San Diego, CA
San Diego Fringe
JUL 13-15 Atlanta, GA
Atlanta Comic Con
JUL 19-29 Kansas City, MO
KC Fringe
AUG 03-05 Tampa Bay, FL
Tampa Bay Comic Con
AUG 17-19 Detroit, MI
Michigan Comic Con
AUG 21-26 Indianapolis, IN
Indy Fringe

More info on tickets and dates for Tim's 2018 North American tour are available on the TOUR page.

Latest Full Routines

Multiplying Bomb Bottles 3:54
When a villain sends a bomb from the future to kill you, your only hope is to magic your way out of it.
To Catch A Fish Murderer 7:35
There's a fish serial killer named Sushi Sam on the loose! Not good news for the finale of my show involving my best friend, mind reading fish David Copperfish!
Drinking A Thought 4:10
Can I figure out a thought of number merely by drinking water that contains the torn up pieces of it? From Tampa Bay Comic Con 2016.
Card In Can Of Spam 4:45
Making a randomly thought of card appear inside a sealed can of spam from the 2016 Orlando Fringe Festival.
Tour Photos
Incredible moments from my tour around the country.