Tim's live shows combine a scripted story with magic in a way never done before on the stage! Using lots of audience participation, multimedia interactivity, and unique magic, his shows have left audiences all over North America clamoring for more.

Here are some summaries and reviews from previous year's tour shows.

Events: Indiana Comic Con, Orlando International Fringe Festival, San Diego International Fringe Festival, Toronto International Fringe Festival, Tampa Bay Comic Con, Edmonton International Fringe Festival, San Francisco Comic Con

Cities: Indianapolis, Orlando, Toronto, San Diego, Edmonton, Tampa Bay, San Francisco

Dates: April 2017-September 2017

Tim's third tour show continued to up the ante on his wacky combination of story and magic. He toured to 7 cities and did 34 performances of the show, his longest schedule to date.

When an accident sends an unconfident magician's assistant back through time, does he have the courage to do a show on his own and generate enough magic to get back to the future? A tribute to 80s films from Back To The Future to The Terminator. Featuring a robot that solves Rubiks cubes, a shake weight time machine, and a mind-reading goldfish.

For the first time, Tim took a show to multiple Fringe festivals, including ones outside the country. Garnering awards such as The Scope At Ryerson's Top 5 Fringe Shows To See, and performing to sold out houses at Edmonton Fringe, the largest Fringe festival in North America.

"A silly, largely improvised, and self-deprecating hour. Tim is full of charisma and kooky humor." -Orlando Sentinel

"Goofy as all Hell but the premise works and the show is actually a lot of fun. Hoffman has a likeable down to earth stage persona. Makes for a fun and entertaining hour." -Mooney On Theatre

"Leaves you wondering how he did it. The man's sense of humour and the way he poked fun at his own low-tech staging spurred the audience's laughter and applause." -Edmonton Journal



Orlando Sentinel

 Edmonton Journal
Mooney On Theatre


Events: Indiana Comic Con, Orlando Fringe, Tampa Bay Comic Con, San Francisco Comic Con

Cities: Indianapolis, Orlando, Tampa Bay, San Francisco

Dates: April 2016-September 2016

Tim's second tour show featured an all new story: he was the world's worst supervillain trying to become officially sponsored. Standing in the way is his henchwoman Sorceresso's father, the evil Dr. Bad Guy. Can she emerge from her father's shadow and follow her true passion, to be a Notary Public? Can Tim prove he has real unbelievable powers? Will the two of them be able to combine their forces to defeat him?

The show garnered critical and audience acclaim at the 2016 Orlando International Fringe Festival, selling out multiple times and getting great reviews from the local papers.

The show had 3 shows at the Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, and San Francisco Comic Cons in 300 seat rooms, often filling to beyond capacity.


Events: Indiana Comic Con, Tampa Bay Comic Con, San Jose Heroes & Villains FanFest

Cities: Indianapolis, Tampa Bay, San Jose

Dates: March-November 2015


Tim Hoffman's first solo shows in the comic convention circuit were rousing successes, and one of the favorite events of any convention in which he appeared. An hour long show featuring a light plot where a foolish self-absorbed magician learns to believe in himself instead of relying on his assistant to do all the work.

Featuring 3 performances at Indiana Comic Con to a crowd of 200 and 3 at Tampa Bay Comic Con to a crowd of 300.








Events: 2015 Orlando International Fringe Festival, Improv/Magic Mashup At Adlib Theatre

Cities: Orlando, FL

Dates: May 2015

After Tim & Spencer gained access to a secret council of magicians, they quickly rose to power in the magic community. Thinking they are unstoppable, when the Devil challenges them to a duel in magic for their souls, the duo foolishly accepts. Now Tim and Spencer will have a literal duel to the death, using what they know best: Magic!

Tim Hoffman and Spencer Hojdila collaborated once more on this show for the 2015 Orlando International Fringe Festival, continuing their storyline from the previous year.


Events: 2014 Orlando International Fringe Festival

Cities: Orlando, FL

Dates: May 2014

Magicians. Best Friends. Sworn Enemies. When two magical best friends find themselves in contention for the same spot on a secret council of magicians, they must compete against each other to see who is the greatest illusionist. But their arch-nemesis David Copperfield is also attempting to foil them at every step of the way.

Tim Hoffman and Spencer Hojdila collaborated on this show for the 2014 Orlando International Fringe Festival, putting together a show about which the Orlando Sentinel said "Hilarious and wry, Hoffman reminded me an especially self-aware (and talented) version of Will Arnett's "Gob" character from "Arrested Development."