Events: Indiana Comic Con, Orlando Fringe, Tampa Bay Comic Con, San Francisco Comic Con

Cities: Indianapolis, Orlando, Tampa Bay, San Francisco

Dates: April 2016-September 2016

Tim's second tour show featured an all new story: he was the world's worst supervillain trying to become officially sponsored. Standing in the way is his henchwoman Sorceresso's father, the evil Dr. Bad Guy. Can she emerge from her father's shadow and follow her true passion, to be a Notary Public? Can Tim prove he has real unbelievable powers? Will the two of them be able to combine their forces to defeat him?

The show garnered critical and audience acclaim at the 2016 Orlando International Fringe Festival, selling out multiple times and getting great reviews from the local papers.

The show had 3 shows at the Tampa Bay, Indianapolis, and San Francisco Comic Cons in 300 seat rooms, often filling to beyond capacity.